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The Buteline professional Polybutene-1 (PB-1) Plumbing System has won world acclaim for innovation and advanced design. Changing times demand new materials and new ideas. Buteline has developed a total solution to the need for a  safe , integrated and easy to use potable water plumbing and heating system. The resultant PB-1 system is designed specifically for professional plumbers and has proven to be high quality and economical.
It is strongly recomended that tradesmen use Buteline's total system, i.e. Buteline clamp tools, Buteline PB-1 pipe and clips, and Buteline fittings, to ensure total compatibility of installations. WHen installed in accordance with recommendations, the complete system if fully guaranteed by Buteline for 25 years.

Sections In Buteline

Buteline Fittings
A range of 16mm & 22mm fittings for the Buteline Polybutene System.

Buteline Pipe
Buteline PB-1 Barrier pipes in coils and cut lengths.

Clamp Tools
Buteline Clamp Tools. Standard and Mini Clamp Tools from 10mm to 28mm.